The GT series burners are used for exhaust gas heating from gas turbines for downstream thermal processes. The GT burner can be operated either in pure fresh air mode without gas turbine operation, or as auxiliary burner with the gas turbine running. If the oxygen concen­tration of the gas turbine exhaust gases in auxiliary firing mode is not suffi­cient for combustion of the fuels of the GT burner, the required oxygen concen­tration can be ensured by suitable supply of additional combustion air.

If space is tight in a multi-burner system, several burners can be accom­mo­dated in a common air supply and the individual GT burner can be shut off on the air side with a drum slide valve. The proven M&S low NOx nozzles are used on both the oil and gas side.


Stable NOx and CO behavior while the gas turbine is running, even with auxiliary firing operation in the partial load range


Optio­nally liquid and/or gaseous fuels can be used


Emission values below those valid today in pure fresh air operation due to external feed of flue gas


Several burners can be accom­mo­dated in a common air duct

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