M&S also offers suitable solutions for the supply infra­structure of M&S combustion systems for liquid fuels:

By means of pump stations, liquid fuels are conveyed from the tank into the boiler house. Here, the pressure increase can also take place in two stages: With a transfer pump from the tank to the boiler house and with a booster pump to the pressure required for good atomization and low-emission combustion at the burner. The perfor­mance spectrum here ranges from unheated pump stations (e.g. for light fuel oil) to steam-heated pump stations (e.g. for heavy fuel oil) for flow rates of up to 500 l/min.


For the preheating of highly viscous liquid fuels for the purpose of good atomization and thus low-emission burnout, M&S offers oil preheating stations. The oil is heated to a defined tempe­rature via a heat exchanger that can be heated electri­cally or with steam. M&S supplies the complete package for this, including heat exchanger, oil and, if necessary, heating steam control valves and measuring technology.

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